Wednesday, September 24, 2014

It's Jocelyn's birthday

And I couldn't post a less-relevent picture of her, really. She wasn't, like, way into cats, and the picture was obviously taken nowhere near her birthday, because even in Arco, Idaho there isn't usually a foot of snow on September 24. Plus, I'm mad at Cats In General today, after finding about a dozen rude brown lumps in our yard yesterday. However, there's something about this picture that keeps pulling me back to look. Maybe is the surprise at seeing Jocelyn with a cat, or her cute little nose. Corregated tin? Snow? But probably just that Jocelyn is in it.

Nevertheless, today is her birthday. I sometimes ponder on how she'd be as a 32-year-old. What would she like now? What wouldn't she like? Where would she live? Would she have moved to Ireland? Become a crazy cat lady? It's impossible to say, since she is forever half that age and obsessed with glitter.

Happy Birthday full of glitter and cats, Joss!  


  1. I don't think Jos would have become a crazy cat lady, but the jury is out on plain old crazy. I also spend some time wondering how she would have been as an adult. I wonder what she would have studied in college (I'm pretty sure she would have gone to beauty school, but I think she'd have done more school after that). I do know we would have been friends, because we were already friends and that wouldn't change. I'm sure she would have learned to moderate the glitter--maybe. She was a good sister and a good daughter. She would have learned to be even better as she got older, like we all do. I miss her.

  2. And a terrific niece! I miss her, as well. And also ponder what she would be like at each birthday that passes. I know for a fact she would have been an amazing mom....