Monday, April 6, 2015

November 1929

I've just been reading Hannah's book again. It's been a while. In November 1929 she wrote three entries, which I think is a monthly record in what I've read so far. At the last one she wrote, "I am going to try to dot down a little in this book every day," and then wrote no more that month. It's always nice to see that good intentions with less-than-perfect follow through are not a new phenomenon for people who start a family history blog and intend to post regularly and then miss a couple of months.

The thing that struck me the most out of these entries, though, was the family reunion she talked about. There were 85 people there. They raffled off a quilt and used the proceeds to find family names to do temple work for. I wonder what they needed the money for; it's hard to imagine how it would be done before it was all on the internet. I guess they had to go to Salt Lake and look through records the church kept? Either way, they accumulated 176 names from Sweden and did temple work for 126 of them! In the Logan temple, right here in my neighborhood. That's so impressive.

I would love to have a big Stricklan side (or any side of course, but Hannah is my Stricklan side) reunion with 85 of us present, but it seems like such an impossible task. How did they do it so often? They didn't all live in the same area, but closer together than we live now. And who organized such a thing? And convinced everyone to come? I applaud their efforts, whoever it was.

**And sorry for no photo. Something is wrong with my usual computer which houses my family photo file. I wanted one of an old-timey reunion (can you imagine it instead?).**

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