Tuesday, January 13, 2015

gas prices

When we drove to New Mexico at the end of December, we flipped when we found gas for $1.99 a gallon outside of Albuquerque. Nate took a picture. We bought celebratory M&Ms. It has now gone aaaaall the way down to $1.93 here in Utah, which is actually so low it's frightening--but we are not talking about politics or oil policies or Monopoly on this blog, so let's move on to gas prices from the 1920s. Apparently gas was around twenty cents a gallon back then, which was absurdly expensive for them, rather like the regular $3.50 prices we've gotten used to.

This picture is of George Stricklan, my dad's grandpa and his gas station. Look, his name is on the sign and everything! His gasoline is packed with extra miles, too, so those '20s drivers would have really appreciated a little more bang for their buck.

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