Tuesday, January 27, 2015

I am so boring I post about weather (and I've thought a lot about it)

One thing I love about reading Hannah's book (which I'm reading at what you could call a leisurely pace) are the casual comments about the weather. Of course, for farmers in those days the weather was not very casual at all--but the thing I love is that every year Hannah notes that the weather is different. Some winters it hardly snows at all until March; sometimes it's too warm in the spring or too wet in August; sometimes it's oddly warm in January here but there's a historical storm on the East Coast. These things happen. They always have.

Don't you sometimes envision every Christmas of yore to have been white and then for winter to have the dignity to stay snowy until the March thaw, followed by April showers and May flowers? It's a pretty rigid standard to hold our dear old girl Weather to, especially when she's never shown any desire to be strictly orthodox in following the annual guidelines anyway. Let's all give Weather a break, I guess, and let her do her capricious thing.
This picture from Ada Stricklan's collection was captioned, "So, everybody had a bad winter," though I don't know whose house this is or when, or what was so bad about it. This looks like perfect snow for winter fun to me.

"Winter 1982-1983" Such snow is not to be found, at least in these parts, this year

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